Strategy and management

Workwear Group is owned 100% by Tommy Søndergaard. Workwear is the starting point for all its activities with a vision of having the largest range of workwear!

The goal is to increase our growth. And, to achieve this goal, we are invested in better e-commerce experiences and offering new trends as they emerge.
When it comes to cooperation with our suppliers, we aim for a relationship that is so strong that it creates a solid foundation and a trustworthy flow of goods to our online stores.

All shopping takes place on these online stores, which in addition to workwear for tradespeople, we offer chefs and waitresses clothing, nursing and clinic clothing, promotional wear, sports and leisure wear, footwear as well as accessories and safety equipment. Despite the name, we do not compromise on the range, quality, or service. We sell well-known brands at prices to suit every wallet, and we sell to both professionals and individuals.

The team behind the online store are real people who want to provide the best service and help find the right clothing and footwear. They are specialists in their field and are able to answer questions about technologies, product features, and much more.

Online store in five languages

Workwear Group owns the company DK Multi-Wear ApS, which runs an online store in five languages:

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The WestBorn brand

Westborn is our private label brand which includes workwear, outdoor wear, and clothing for daily use. WestBorn is sold only on Billig-arbejdstø,,, Billige-arbeidsklæ, and Gü The range includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, and thermal jackets. The idea behind the WestBorn brand is to make comfortable clothing in colours that are easy to mix and match with your existing wardrobe and are sold at reasonable prices, so the customer gets value for money.

Image Kompagniet

In 2021, the Workwear Group acquired Image Kompagniet. Since 1999, Image Kompagniet has built up unique and special knowledge within promotional clothing.

The Pitch Stone brand, owned by Image Kompagniet, features collections with running clothes and skiwear, jackets, softshell and fleece garments, trousers and sweatshirts. The common denominator for both brands: functional clothing for women, men and children in motion.

The Vangàrd brand